About our Product

Atomionics’ new gravimeter (Gravio™) can provide a cost-effective way to give best possible data in the shortest amount of time using quantum sensing

Cost Effective

Best Data

Shortest Time

Gravio can help pinpoint underground structures using its:

  • High Imaging resolution (1m x 1m grid)
  • High precision and Sensitivity (10μgal/√Hz)
  • Data rate (10Hz)
  • Immediately, these features translate into the following operational benefits

    Cost of surveys is reduced drastically. It doesn’t require added operational skills either. Using this, the probable tunnel path that is cost effective and time efficient can be established. Due to the ability to use a survey vehicle directly, and the high data rate, the time taken to survey an area is reduced exponentially.

    Improved safety of underground infrastructure - High accuracy and reduced pixel size ensures even the smaller structures, weaker signals are spotted ensuring optimal understanding of the underground. This ensures that an extremely dense rock or a sinkhole isn’t missed and the planning for the construction and digging can be done optimally. It also helps in pinpointing the precise location of hydrocarbons and minerals, while offering non-invasive monitoring methods for pipelines, tailings, etc.

    Sustainable survey. Gravio has a high data rate, is surveyable, and extremely accurate. This allows the Gravimeter to be installed on a vehicle (truck, boat, etc). The ability to survey using any vehicle drastically reduces the environmental cost of survey, saves time and ensures optimal planning.